300 hectares of crops
More than 25,000 tons of vegetables a year are cultivated on some 300 hectares in Geneva. The canton’s 32 market gardeners, who are renowned for their expertise, grow most of their crops in the open ground (168 ha) and 71 ha in greenhouses or plastic tunnels.

Tomatoes are the most prevalent crop (one tomato in five in Switzerland is produced in Geneva) but market gardeners grow close to 100 kinds of vegetables including cucumbers, squash, lamb’s lettuce, radishes and fennel.

Organic farming is on the increase; presently, 20 ha of open ground are farmed organically and 4 ha in greenhouses or tunnels.

Geneva’s flagship vegetable is the cardoon – the cardon argenté épineux de Plainpalais, a variety bred centuries ago in Geneva and a mark of the canton’s market farming heritage. In 2003 it was the first vegetable in Switzerland to obtain an AOP.



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