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Oenotourisme: Swiss Wine Tour

Geneva, your natural playground! A countryside just a stone’s throw from urban life. Forerunners in terms of appellation, grape varieties (more than 72 varieties authorised in AOC) or wine tourism, Geneva’s producers invite you to discover the third largest vineyard in Switzerland.
Tasting, Family
Workshop: Create your own wine

Step into a winegrower's shoes for a few hours with our wine-themed activity for you. Learn the techniques of wine tasting and the art of creating a blend that you love.

The aim is to work in teams and build relationships, communication and creativity to create a shared product. We invite you take up the experience over a friendly drink.

At the end, you’ll be proud owner of a unique blend that you can take home, all in a bottle with your own label.

For an additional fee, you can also produce your blend in larger quantities for your special occasions.

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Chemin de Chafalet 17
1283 Dardagny
CHF 75.-
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