7 July 2023 / 8 July 2023 / 9 July 2023



Meet your local agriculture in all its forms during Agri.Fête, from 7 to 9 July at the Place de Sardaigne in Carouge.

From flowers to wine and on to farm animals, from fruits and vegetables to honey – all of the canton’s agricultural sectors are here. There will be plenty of surprises to uncover at the themed pavilions, each one dedicated to a specific sector. Each pavilion has four wings: information, activities, tasting and sales. It all comes together to let you meet the people behind Geneva’s terroir.

Layout for the pavilions and their activities

In all, there are 9 pavilions to welcome you throughout the weekend:

- Honey and bees

- Milk and dairy products

- Vegetables

- Fruits

- Cereals

- Wine and beer

- Flowers and trees

- Wood

- Animals

Download the festival map where you can find the activities at all the pavilions, tasting stands, games and stables as well as the food trucks taking part.

Concerts programme

You can also find the complete programme for all the concerts during the weekend, featuring an eclectic group of musicians who will be playing for you from Friday to Sunday on the two stages. 

We’re keen to see you at this don’t-miss event where the spotlight is on those who feed you every day !


Friday 17:00-01:00

Saturday 10:00-01:00

Sunday 10:00-18:00


Tram 12, 18 : Stop Carouge, Marché

Bus 11, 21, 23 : Stop Carouge, Tours

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    7-8-9 JULY 2023


    Place de Sardaigne – Carouge